6 May 2011

Digging up the ditch!

This week ive been having a few micro sessions on my local burn, it's only a stones throw from my house, and really no more than a ditch. the latest trip was just this morning.I dont know Why i feel the pull of these tiny waters but they just fascinate me.  Quite differant skills required from fishing the bigger waters , but challenging in there own right!
A few years ago it was totally wiped out by a pollution incident but it's nice too see the fish returning , in a few weeks it will be almost impossible to fish when the undergrowth gets going .
heres a few captures , dries doing the business , i used black klinks,and a  rusty spinner there not too fussy if you can get near them.

A few examples:

A mixed day 28/4

my local trout stream Bright sunshine but a cold start i fished NZ style without so much as a sniff , i was surprised not to get any fish even from the heads of the pools, and was even more surprised not to see a riser as there were lots of hawthorn flies in evidence and one or two upwings hatching. At 2pm it was like someone had thrown the switch and finally i got some sport. the first fish took a black klink hammer.A lovely yellow fish.

  The odd brookdun was coming down so i put on a big comparadun , it worked to a degree in the faster water, but in the bits where the current fizzled out a curved cdc was a better option.
Unfortunately i had to leave at 3pm.

Ayr rocks (April 22nd)

Ayrshire is a corner of Scotland previously unknown to me, to my surprise i found Ayr it's self to be quite a nice looking town and the scenery in between he towns quite charming.

It was a glorious day (Wednesday) I arrived at the tackle shop in Ayr and got info, last word of warning was of the wading , "watch you dint step off a ledge" .

When i arrived at the river i was surprised at the sheer size of the water, much bigger than i expected with towering sandstone cliffs , and now i could see what the warning was all about though there were big shelves of sandstone you could walk on comfortably the abyss was never far away.

I started fishing it was about 11am , and on my first cast i hooked a Small trout which took a nymph hung under a big klink NZ style. Working my way up the river i felt it was like a home from home the rivres character being very similar to my local only on a much grander scale. The only bits really worth paying attention too on most pools were the heads the main body of the pool being lifeless too deep  on the whole and difficult to fish at range using a searching method. A few risers were to be had in some shallower flats but on closer expection they proved to be salmon Parr, so i didn't spend too long pursuing them.
Heres a few pictures of my captures for the day, some of the most yellow troots ive seen in good health and great fighters and  grayling (i had 2) were a real bonus despite being technically out of season , they were good too see after a chronic winter pursuing them.