17 August 2015

Random casts

Been doing loads of fishing recently , mainly in the salt, but also had a few casts with the soft lures for perch.
I dug out the fly rod for a trip to the local river too for trout.
And there has been a  trip in search of flatties with the light game rod which brought me this lovely example.
And there has been more trips for those beautiful wrasse. with the 3 species of corkwing , goldsinny and ballan showing face.
I also had a trip with Scott and Nick too loch Etive in search of spurdogs.

Unfortunately no spurdogs showed but between us we had loads of grey gurnard ( a first for me) Scott had a couple of small thorn back rays.
The bigger gey gurnards had lovely gold flecks

green eyes

A couple sharks did appear for Nick and Scott but not the sort we were after.
Doggie style
Other fish that showed were cod , pollack and the odd coalfish and sea scorpions , a great day enjoyed a day fishing the big rods.

The following day i went too Burntisland where there were a couple of fellow lrf'ers fishing . Chad  and Tony.
Chad had a nice wrasse and Tony managed a couple of butterfish and a Yarrel's blenny . I had a few wrasse , a corkwing a goldsinny and a ballan or two , before they had to head home . I stuck it out into the evening but it was tough in the out going tide. i was forced to move and look for a new wrasse- hole out the front on the breakwater. It was till tough till around low water when the tide turned then i found a hot spot where it was a bite a cast.
A nice evening

The cream of the evening was a dark  chunky corkwing wrasse , a bit of a warrior this one.

 A couple of lads (James and Adam) were out fly fishing for mackeral and as the light started to go , a few blitzes started show, i took a couple at distance on metals. That ended my evening .   Have to get a few mackeral for autumn for fishing the beaches for flatties so might do a trip specifically with them in mind.

Wrasse action to come: