7 January 2013

Fisherman's handbook fish

In the late 70's my brother and I collected the fisherman's handbook, a weekly publication covering coarse , sea and game fishing. Each week would feature a new species with a little information on their habitat and how to catch them, all very exciting for a young boy who had only caught the odd brownie from the local burn.

The capture of some of these fish seemed highly unlikely at the time, a lot of them still do, but through the years a few have been ticked of the list. I remember my first Roach from a tiny pond in the middle of a farmers field, or my first Perch from a local quarry like it was yesterday. The great thing is it's just as exciting to capture new species now as it was then, recent captures such as Bass and Turbot, all be it small have been a real thrill.

yesterday Col and i fished for some typical Fisherman's handbook type fish!

my biggest bream to date! 

lovely markings on this roach, or is there a bit of something else in there too?

the Ide wasn't  in the handbook's as it wasn't over here in the 70's, seems to be a popular stocking choice in coarse fisheries these days, although their fun enough to catch, for me they don't hold the same attraction as the beautiful roach.

hopefully there'll be some more new captures in the years to come, got one or two in mind already!