4 May 2013

When the going gets Tough

I emailed Brian last night to see if he fancied another shot on his favourite spring  river , naturally he was up for more torment.  i was looking forward to fishing a march brown hatch as i'd not seen any (in any numbers) yet this year. The day looked great as we drove through some lovely countryside ,and i was really looking forward to it , but whilst setting up we realised the water was up a bit  from yesterdays rain and we had a fairly strong downstream wind to contend with. 
New borns

With the trout still prefering the slowest parts of the river , there was a severe lack of water to fish , after sitting around for an hour or so we decided to head upstream , to a big flat , which brian knew would offer a bit shelter. It really is a waiting game , and fortune plays a big part, theres no guarantees. We sat and waited, i saw a fish upstream mopping up march browns   in the edge , i felt confident i could get turnover  in the downstream wind but unfortunately i dint get the opportunity as he stopped rising ,i may have put him down perhaps he caught a glimpse of me whilst foraging for flies whilst turning back downstream , the trout are not keeping station just now there covering quite an area  . We sat a little longer the hatch wasnt big and though there were the odd march brown the olives also put in a appearance  , Brian sat it out on a intermittent riser downstream whilst i sat huddled in the bankside , just upstream , and as luck would have it a fish rose about 15ft directly across from me. He then rose again minutes later then again  so i decided  to try and feed him my shucked cdc, and   fortunately for me he liked the look of it.

We then sat a little more  a few fish rose downstream , brian covered a risere on the near bank.
He struck and the fish flew through the air.
it was'nt quite what we were expecting , most early risers tend to be a little more substantial  . He went on to take another two small trout , one on a dry and the other on the nymph.

 That was out lot, it had been a tough session . I went for a walk downstream for a few miles but didnt see any risers  , the water looked as if it was pushing through just a little too fast. It would be nice to get ideal  conditions , mild , low water the fish moving in the faster water and im sure the times will come , until then you just have to make the most of what we've got.