17 February 2012

Hair extension Baitfish

Back on the kanekallon (Jumbo Braid ) hair extensions for some baitfish patterns. First up a couple of pike flies. Got my hands on some Deer Creek Diamond hard and i find it's much quicker setter and true to it's endorsement is "virtually" tack free. Both have gills the pink one oval the other a shell sequin.

Next up a couple of Saltwater  flies.
Clouser (bucktail)
surf candy

surf candy (leaded underbody)
 Had a spare hour so gave the pike flies a test on my favourite canal basin. A few takes, dropped a few but a couple of wee jacks obliged, cant wait to give these a go on the lochs this year, i'll be tying a few with rattles to help stir up dour pike as for the saltwater flies, i hope to give them a trial shortly.