27 July 2013

Fife Wrasse thrash

Today me and Brian headed for a Fife wrasse mark we fished last year. We were really looking forward to it the sun was out and hardly a breath of wind, it was a shorts and t-shirt day.  On the way we missed a turn off , so went the long  way round , not perfect as we had in mind a beach to dig some lug worm, so we had to improvise and choose another beach, which we did , lug though on this beach were not numerous though we managed enough (or so we thought) , as in any case we planned mainly to use the LRF gear and use the bait as back up for float fishing.
Fishing was really slow to start with so we wondered around a bit trying both piers either side of us but no fish were forth coming . We were not sure what to do and were contemplating upping sticks all together and moving to another mark then we decided just to try the mark we stated on again with the tide now much further in. We ditched the LRF rods altogether and concentrated on the float fishing.
And it wasnt long till i found myself connected to a little green wrasse.
Just the confidence booster we needed .
Not long after Brian dropped a bite, and then i hooked another little wrasse similar in colouration to my first.
Things were picking up with Brian also hooking up this stunning  green one.
With our bait dwindling away , the sport continued i dropped a fish then hooked up again this time a nice red codling.
nice to see another species, i then rebaited and cast again and the bait couldnt have been in for 10 seconds when the float again went under. This time a red coloured wrasse.

With our best bait totally gone now we decided to call it a day as the sport dried up, think we would have had more if we had more bait  ,but  in anycase we had out stayed our welcome and was  cut off with the tide. Looking forward to a return trip , next time though we will be armed  with a load of big juicy lug worms.