5 July 2015

Wrassing Around

Ive been doing a fair bit Wrasse fishing of late mainly to Burntisland , mixed results  but every time has yielded a few wrasse as well as other species for myself or my friends.

Last Friday i got there for about 3pm , dug some rag at low tide  then started fishing the fishing was great from the start first a goldsinny then a ballan , then a few more of the same before Brian joined me at about 5'ish .
  He too was quickly in amongst the fish .

soon after Scott joined us along with another fellow lrf'er Dan. Dan managed his first goldsinny ever, and both he and Scott also got amongst the Ballans that were really in the mood.
Dans first Goldsinny

 Scott also added   a butterfish and then  my favourite of the moment  a stunning little corkwing wrasse.


Some of the goldsinnys were pretty chunky!
Other fish caught were coalfish and Dan had a wee lss scorpion.
Best wrasse of the night was a joined effort between Brian and Scott both baits were picked up by this fish.
Joint effort

Myself and Brian were back out on the Saturday. More of the same more Ballans and goldsinnys .

Dan turned up and got his second ever Goldsinny then his third Brian managed a Yarrel's blenny .

A wee olive /brown ballan
Yarrels Blenny

Stupidly i attempted to lift a small ballan up the peir wall only for my  rod to snap  .

Had the day off on Tuesday , plan was to take my son Jack for a bit wrassing fun.
Scott joined us along with his mate Nick. The sea was a bit lumpy and the fishing down the back wall was pretty poor . Scott and nick were first into wrasse and Jack got a goldsinny , The inner harbour fished much better and that's where we picked up most wrasse , nothing big but good sport. Scott got his first yarrel's blenny of the year to add to his impressive uk saltwater species list , and i got my corkwing and my first pollack of the year.

Jack getting to grips with a wee Ballan