19 January 2012

sheep dip!

Col and me headed back down to the river we were on last weekend hoping for some more grayling action, it was a fine sunny morning and our hopes were high.

The nice morning didn't last long though  and by early afternoon the weather took a turn for the worse with rain on the horizon and also no grayling to show for our efforts. As the rain was about to start we spotted a sheep which must have slipped in further upstream and was clearly having difficulty getting out of the river, col saved the day though and waded across the river to help it out, that was one lucky sheep!

 Soon after the sheep rescue  i landed a nice grayling on a pink beaded wire nymph but as much as we tried there was no further action.
the rain didn't help with the river taking on a slight ting but i dont think the grayling were really in the mood today anyway.