14 October 2011

Lucky Horseshoe ?

When i walked the dog this morning the trout were piling up for  spawning in my local burn. So the day was planned for a trip to the local grayling water in the afternoon. I didn't get there till just before 2pm, and was a little surprised to see the river in spate, with the water very dark. The fishing wasn't great, i had more trout than i did grayling , after rising several fish losing or missing them i  hooked my first grayling of the day,  a triumph in it's self in the conditions.
the amount of takes made it worth persevering the bigger slower pools were better than the fast ones , i hiope to get this stream in  good condition soon. When I reached the top of the beat, i met Douglas from The trout fly he'd had a few small grayling and trout too. We blethered down the road about fishing, herding some boisterous bulls on the way , and finding a horse shoe, which i gave to my son. I then said goodbye to Douglas whilst i went over a few pools I'd left. But to no avail, so far the horseshoe hasn't worked it's charm ! Maybe next time!