3 August 2012

Knocked off my Perch

I was watching Matt Hayes last night fishing Eyebrook reservoir catching some huge perch by spinning soft plastic lures , kind of got me in the mood for some stripy action. So i thought i'd try out my local wee pond this evening. I decided instead of the usual trout sized lures like wooly buggers etc, to give some saltwater sized flies a bash , i packed a few size 4 clousers and surf candies in white and a few in  black. I started off with the clousers but it was slow a change to a white surf candy seemed right up there street.
i then changed to a smaller surf candy and they came thick and fast but just wee fish , so i decided to go back to the size 4 , and then something much bigger took hold , this it felt totally differant then i saw it,  a huge perch, then it thrashed  and was gone arghhhhh!I reckon he might have gone 3lb.

About halve an hour later i did manage a nice'ish  fish a small consolation. i'll be back for him though!