2 August 2013

Fife LRF sesh!

Had another shot at the wrasse in Fife , the ballans  didn't show but managed a brace of wee goldsinnys , first one came first drop the second was a little more tricky , having umpteen failed hookups before  finally landing him.

It went quiet in wrasse corner so i went and explored elsewhere only for the occasional podlie, so i headed to the rocks. On the way i noticed some surface action, and once on the rocks i saw a shoal of mackerel herding baitfish into the gullies below, it was a real visual treat from my high vantage point, they would come and go , but i was ready for them, i decided on a " zoom  Tiny fluke" presented with a 7g cone weight above , and they seemed to like it.

I took a brace and lost a further 3 in the hour i was there plus the odd coalie . Looks like its time to hit the macks with the fly rod, now that is good fun!