31 July 2011

feeling hot hot hot!

It was roasting and windless , and thats how we felt when we walked down to the bottom of the beat. It was worth the walk though as we were straight into fish i had one about 3/4lb then lost another. The next pool Brian had one about 3/4lb. Things were going well.
Next pool i had a succesion of wee trout and the net again Brian lost a trout,then landed this beauty of 1 1/4lb.

We headed up to the next pool and in the distance we saw another angler! I blanked in that pool,infact the next mile or so did'nt produce at all. Some of these rivers are soooooo sensitive to pressure, though other factors may have been at cause here such as the bright/hot conditions. At the top of the beat we once again got fish after leap frogging another angler (turned out to be a nice fellae from the wild fishing forum) and we caught a few but it was time to go home. Not the most succesful fishing day , but you've got to have the odd bad trip, just  makes the next good one more appreciated.