19 May 2011

Lunching with Jack (pike)

Lunchtime ! Grabbed the pike stuff back up to the canal , less windy than it was last night but much brighter. Still there was some shaded areas . There was also a bit more colour in the water, but nothing serious. The strimmers were out cutting the edges of the towpath, and it wasnt till they were been over and gone that i could get casting. The first take i was actually hooked up a bit of weed and was pulling it in when a decent jack grabbed hold, but it got off. then it went dour as i made my way through the basin. I hammered and hammered a likely looking area and eventually one gave in a rolled over my flash fly.

shortly after i moved another fish and i'm pretty sure it was the same one that had a go when i'd hooked the weed. will have to rest this pool for a week atleast , as thick as pike are, they do eventually become lure shy.