21 August 2013

thats my boy!

With the Mackerel being about in large numbers the weekend before I thought it would be fun for the young lad to have a go, so of we went on Saturday morning hoping that they would still be around in numbers. When we got there the first thing I realised was that i had forgotten my heavier 7-35 gram rod which I had intended to use, so we would be using the wee tronix just to make it more interesting! To begin with I set up with a drop shot rig and a bit of isome  and we got a few nibbles from wee coalies but clearly the macks weren't in like the week before. In a bid to keep Jamie's interest going I switched the column  lead over to a small wedge spoon to see if there were any a bit further out and a few casts later a mackerel was on, I passed the buckled over tronix to Jamie to play the fish, what a laugh!

  another mackerel and a plump coalfish followed before we went to another spot where I was intending to have a go for Mullet.

it was quite windy here and I would have had to have been wearing waders to get into the right position to fish for the mullet, perhaps not the type of fish to go for anyway with the young lad to keep amused. The bread I had didn't go to waste though, Jamie was helping himself to the odd slice as he was now feeling hungry and the aggressive blennie population seemed only to happy to compete over a bit of it too, amusing watching them appear from nowhere to grab hold. A good fun morning and pleasingly Jamie wants to come out fishing again soon.