8 July 2012

getting our hands dirty again

After reading some great info on codhead bob's site col and i decided to continue our novice sea angling adventures and have a try from a harbour mark in Fife today. But first we headed to a local beach and dug some lug and even managed to find a couple of peeler crabs for our efforts.

We arrived for the tide turning and were soon getting some bites from what we suspected were crabs, then col got the first fish of the day, a sea scorpion !

Col caught another one of these wee fellas  before i had a good rattle on the rod tip and was pleased to find myself attached to my first shore caught wrasse, result!

another nice wrasse followed from the same area and another sea scorpion before we ran out of lug, we thought we had plenty but we'll know to dig more next time! we had some herring left but we didn't have the same confidence in this bait compared to the lug 

it was an enjoyable day in a nice location, looking forward to fishing this harbour again, next time we'll be a bit better prepared  both bait and rig/lead wise.