11 September 2011

Beyond the Thunderdome!

Everyone had gone it was only me left, the machines had taken over. A barren wasteland surrounded me , but "a river runs through it"!!!

I loaded my weapon with a big stimulator , the river was clearing after the relentless surges of heavy rain, indeed i looked at the stream just yesterday but it was too high.

But it's the first to drop, and all though windy , cold and with the threat of more heavy rain, i was edging up a pool beyond the threat of the machines .
The rise of the machines
A fish rose in the poisoned detritus!  There was life here! I covered it with the stimulator and it took first cast cleared the water and that's when i saw it was a fairly good fish , it scrapped well i scooped it with the net and it was just in time as the hook came out.
As i continued to make my way  up the ditch i decided to put on a rubber legged version of the prince nymph on the bend NZ style. It worked great with a brace of trout from the first pool nothing in the next but three from the next again.

It was the nymph that was doing most of the damage ,
but the stimulator still brought  the odd savage attack.

As i headed upstream the wind got up the rain threatened so it was time to head back to HQ. Operation Thunderdome  complete.