1 August 2011

A Muggy Night

Very hot, even though overcast today. The grass is always greener, is a phrase that is fitting . Ive neglected my local recently, don't know why probably because it's the school holidays, and theres a good chance of bumping into undesirables. Anyway tonight i decided to go to a stretch which was my favourite a few years ago. Other stretches seem to have more attraction to me and to most, but tonight i wanted soltitude, as i do on most ocassions.   I fished NZ style with the occasional chuck with the wooly bugger, there was a slight stain in the water although the further upstream i went it did seem to get clearer, but it was enough to convince me that a prince nymph would be a better bet than the usual wire nymph . Finding a decent sized fish has been difficult on the river this season , yes theres been plenty pounders but nothing much better. The prince nymph started picking up fish from the off, my second fish fought hard, and it was a belter, just a shade under 2lb , it had a fly in it's mouth a wire nymph, turns out my pal Gary lost it the day before!
Just shy of 2lb

Had plenty other fish of a good stamp, mainly to the nymph but the odd one on the klink. Despite the muggy conditions there was no great hatch and risers were relatively scarce.
1 3/4lb

A good stamp