4 March 2012

toothy critters

Not much of a chance for fishing this weekend, yesterday we went to Achingarrich wildlife centre near Comrie, it's in a nice area and was a fine enough way to spend a couple of hours, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves including Clyde!
i found these wee toothy critters quite amusing, they seemed to have tunnel networks all over the place
 We stopped at the butchers in Comrie on the way back home which was worth the journey alone, the sausages for my breakfast this morning were top quality! we also drove past loch Monzievaird which is reputed to hold a wild population of brook trout, no fishing unless you book the  accommodation, the loch looks magic, sorry i should have stopped to take a picture.
Today Ruth was working until mid afternoon, but when she got back Jamie and I went to the canal for an hour or so, not much happening to be honest, a take on the flash and eventually just as Jamie was loosing interest a wee but well fed pike on the clouser.