15 September 2013

the inbetween days

With the end of the season a little under a month away now there's a sense of urgency to enjoy what's left of it, but at the same time thoughts are beginning to think of Grayling in the months ahead, and with that in mind Col and I fished a burn yesterday which contains both trout and grayling.

Water clarity didn't look great with some recent rain so we set up with the ever reliable glister bug suspended below a big dirty polly.

 the glister bug did the trick in the first pool taking a couple of trout and relieving any concerns about the water clarity.

 we worked our way upstream taking turns which is a relaxing way to fish, plenty of time to take in the bankside surroundings.

a few trout were landed, both on the nymph and the dry with many more missed

jumbo minnows were also keen to have a nibble at the Glister bug, this burn seems to be full of them.

I suspect one or two risers that I missed were Grayling and Col definitely lost a good Grayling on the nymph right at the net, still its good to know that their about, hopefully they'll start to show in bigger numbers in the cooler months ahead.