17 July 2011

A day of bad luck

Went round to Brians  for 1pm , first i was introduced to their new family member a Blue Roan pup named Clyde!
Clyde (8 weeks old)

Then we were bound for our destination, a nice looking loch we had never fished before, we decided to fish dries i started with a corrie/polly and first cast a fish took , a nice pounder was landed apparently a good fish for the water.

We seperated i went to the otherside of the wood took another to the corrie polly then took one one on the cdc and elk. Brian fished the burn mouth with wooly buggers and had a few pulls, we joined up again and i had a further 2 trout , unfortunately it was'nt Brians  day ,  he fell in above his waders  and drowned his camera.We decided to call it quits early on , the water was kind of dour perhaps because of the massive ammount of rain that had fallen in the previous 24hrs. On other days i'd expect it to be jumping .

update: good news on Brians camera seems to be working fine now!