17 June 2011

Summertime..........And the Living is Easy

I was considering  going to the lower reaches of a river but with the sun splitting the sky decided against it, seems it's best in the evening . So i headed to my local and fished a wooded stretch that has produced a lot of small fish  , better fish have been largely absent today proved no different , the water for once though had good clarity and was low . A good number of flies hatched , mainly yellow may duns and olive uprights and bwo's. so there were plenty fish to aim at , first fell for a curved hook flexi- CDC.
 About 30 fish fell mostly to dries best was a size 12 dirty Polly a  few on a bugger fished in the pockets in a almost Czech style controlling the retrieve with a high rod rather than by hand.
  A few fell to nymphs too in the deeper runs.