21 July 2012

Right down the Lyne

All to often i pass this lovely stream in the car on my way down to the main river, but rarely seem to get around to fishing it. Today i thought i would put my wee Norwich 7' 9'' to good use and spend an afternoon working my way through some of its inviting pools and runs.

With all the rain last week the water was fair pushing through, enough for me to have second thoughts on crossing in certain places, the wee trout were obliging enough though taking a liking to the big klink and wire nymph set up.

I worked my way upstream in a relaxed fashion taking in the bankside flowers on the way

lots of  river to explore ahead

some more beautifully marked trout followed making for a fun afternoon

I headed back to the car at the back of four, feeling contented having cast a fly rod again after what seemed like an age.