16 August 2013

Going Green in Fife

Could not decide what to fish for this evening, but the mackeral was definitely off the list as i  now have enough for bait etc.  . so i checked my ammount of dropshot leads left , and decided i may have enough for a LRF  session.
wrasse corner

I started in "wrasse corner" , but was then joined by another angler , i say angler loosely as he sported a can of budweiser in the other hand , and generally came across as a bit thick.

I couldn't be bothered with him so i moved to a quieter area where i picked up some wee coalfish and tiny pollack on various colours of isome, not least my new purchase green, which i thought may go down well with the local wrasse, as watermelon (green) seems a real popular colour amongst LRF/ HRF anglers for wrasse.

Wrasse corner was vacant again so i gave it some attention, I eventually picked up a Goldsinny followed by a common blenny. But it wasnt exactly great fishing mostly  just the odd coalie pecking away.

I then decided to try the open sea side of the harbour. First chuck another goldsinny.

Another goldsinny
This was followed by more coalfish .

Then i found the sweet spot, and it was wrasse after wrasse , 5 in all a wee under arm lob 20 yards out then tap tap tap then wallop,  nothing  big but they put a great bend in my little tronix rockfish UL  , also had yet another goldsinny thats 6 now in 3 visits, seems to be quite a good head of these wee fellaes in the vicinity.

Red eye

"mmm.. i likes the green isome very much  thankyou please!"

I then ran out of column  weights which i find seems to make drop shotting amongst snags so much easier (less snaggy), so called it a night.   Green isome , dont leave home without it.