28 March 2014

Trout in the Tails

Just a   brief  summary really:
my second week off has been hot and cold as far as fishing go's . Ive spent my time equally on two local rivers .The usual early season tactics  sitting waiting for the hatch to commence , then seeking out rising fish  has been the game plan , the fishing though has been temperamental ,  the best days being the cloudy days when good numbers of fish were caught. I was finding the majority of trout tight to the tails  of the pools which made for slightly tricky drag free presentation at times , but  generally the trout have been  keen takers , most falling to the shucked cdc and the rest to klinkhammers.

some pictures:
Railway viaduct

Great condition
Spring lambs

Rain drops

side stream

Large dark olive

Spring trout
Lesser celandine

Big shoulders