7 July 2012

a few days in Orkney

We headed up to Orkney for a few days to visit my mum, the weather up north has been a lot nicer than down here, and it was a lovely evening for the crossing to St Margerets hope, Clyde seemed to enjoy his first ferry journey too.

 Inbetween tidying my mums garden and doing family stuff i concentrated any angling efforts to the sea rather than my usual trout fishing. Not that i did particularly well blanking often than not. First fish was a new one to me, a sea scorpion i think?  on float fished lug from one of the churchill barriers,  can't say i'm in a big hurry to catch another one!

  Had an afternoon fishing a local cliff mark where again the fishing was slow but inbetween loosing loads of tackle i did get a nice coalfish and a Pollack for my efforts, also lost a bigger Pollack which did the usual running into the kelp!

I spent a wee bit of time trying for flounders from some likely looking beaches but failed to register so much as a bite, not even a crab! back to the drawing board there i think.

Only other fish i encountered was when Jamie and i were searching some rock pools, first one is a butterfish i think

not sure what this one is? but it has a face only a mother could love! 

 All to soon our holiday was over, another smooth crossing on the ferry last night with clear sky's and sunshine, it wasn't until we got down to near Edinburgh again that the rain started, back to normal i guess.