19 August 2012

3rd time lucky

Last night we dug some lug worm from a local beach, we spent 2 hours doing so just to make sure we had enough.
This Morning Brian picked me up at 8am ,on the way we passed a fish van , so i picked up a couple of fillets of herring with plan C in mind.

Plan A
We arrived at plan A a rock venue we have recently float fished for wrasse from ,the sea looked ok but in closer inspection it was carrying quite a bit colour, and the  swell was causing us bother , there was some windy weather  mid week that i think did the damage.   We gave it a hour before deciding it was no good.

Plan B
With the water so dirty we decided to try a peir. But ruled out the wrasse as they are primarily sight feeders but were hoping for a cod. But only the crabs bit our baits and again our confidence was knocked, so again we decided to move if it was  the evening i think we would have stuck it out as this is when i believe the cod bite, but not when the sun is splitting the sky.

Plan C

Plan C was for Flounder and for us virgin territory, lots of bays to choose from on our way back down the Fife coast ,  we decided on the first road side option . When we arrived a guy was digging lug and fishing the beach, we asked him of the prospects of which they were Flounder and maybe the odd bass , but the weed may be a problem . We decided to give it a go . Brian noticed a Burn along the shore a good feature which often attracts flounder so we made a v line for there basically set up 2 hook flapper rigs baited with lug tipped off with herring , fished from the burn, first cast i reeled in a tonne of weed, Brian though was getting bites.  He lost one, then i got lucky with a nice fluke.

A good start , I rebaited and took another. Which Brian kept for his dinner.

Next Brian had a Brace of quick-fire flukes.

After that we had a bad spell with weed, every cast fouling the line baits and leads.

This coincided with running out of herring, which i felt was our best bait for the day. After that the tide slowed but our worm baits would come back untouched . We decided to call it a day , and i think we were contented that we managed to pull something out of the bag on a day that wasn't initially looking too promising . Dying to know what the flounder tasted like?