9 August 2011

2 hrs In Chernobyll

The forecast is for rain tommorow, it's done nothing but rain lately, so i was keen to get in a bit sport,  i looked at a burn locally yesterday , it looked nice, but i opted for another local, one i call the Chernobyll  burn. I arrived at 18:45pm , on arrival i was glad to see the burn looked in   fine fettle with good clarity, it was very warm to the touch and even better a few fish on the fin!
As i wandered up this corridor of trees, i missed a fish but the next one i managed on a dirty polly, a wee one . The next fish again took a cdc and elk.  A pounder a fine fish for a burn. As i carried on up the pool I decided to stick on a nymph as i'm sure I must have been by-passing lots of non showing fish, so i put on a prince nymph and promptly hooked and landed a beauty of 1 1/4lb that took the nymph.
followed by a few on the dry.
fat troot

 Carrying on up the water i had fish in the fast bits on a GH sedge, then in a flat i spotted a good head and tail riser, i didnt get near him before i put him down but i know where he lives.

  A few more risers were found i decided to scale down to a 14 for risers, i promptly lost a good fish over the pound ,then took a few smaller ones.

The sport just kept getting better with a few more just over the pound. I'm sure if i had more time there might have been the possibility of a monster, this  burn is full of surprises. But a dozen trout averaging a pound in a 400 yd streatch of a wee burn is some fishing! I'll be back as soon as the next lot of spates start to fall! Another thing the wee "Burn Raider" 2# rod was just fantastic for playing those hard fighting fish, it has great dampening qualities for protecting the tippet, yet has the power to pull fish (with side strain) away from snags , and there is no shortage of them in the Chernobyll burn!