River Dries

I love Klinkhammers there my go to fly, ideal as well for fishing NZ style.

First of all The haresear klink. I like to use this as a GP fly, usually in a 10 or a 12.
Hook:b100 sz10 or 12
Rib: tying thread
Abdomen and thorax :haresear
wing post: Mcflylon
hackle: ginger

NB.ive found a yellow wing post can be useful in certain lights.

March brown klink

As above apart from abdomen which has a brown turkey biot.
Olive biot klink
This ones useful from day one of the season for olive hatches. I used to tie up with flexi floss but i now prefer the turkey biot .
Hook : b100 sz14
Abdomen: (BWO ) turkey biot
Wingpost :mcflylon
Thorax: Olive hare
Hackle: Olive grizzle

Other emergers

The Deer Hair Emerger(DHE) I have a love hate relationship with this fly, ive tied this one again with a Turkey biot body.
Hook:b100 sz 12 or 10 
body: Turkey biot
wing: deerhair tied comparadun style
thorax: hare

Cdc and elk

Hook: B170 16-10
Body:palmered cdc
Wing: Deer hair