25 January 2015

Shades of Grayling

Seems like an age since the last time I was out fishing, so today I finally got my act together for the first trip of the new year on one of my favourite rivers. Not the nicest of days being dull, damp, windy and cold. The river high with snow melt, January weather I suppose.

the strong down and across wind was proving to be a real nuisance, it was difficult to get a good trot of any distance before the float was veering off course so working shorter distances seemed best. I was expecting to find graying holed up in deeper parts of the pool, but surprisingly i didn't have any luck there except for a couple of trout. The streamier water further upstream proved to be a better choice and here i found a few small grayling to keep me happy.

 i did hook into a real biggie, one of those ones where you think its the bottom and then it moves but alas we parted company early which i was suitably annoyed about! total for the day was six grayling and a few trout, good to get out fishing again.