23 April 2012

Yella fellas from a highland stream

Family holiday destinations are always carefully chosen to be near good fishing aren't they? this long weekend away was no exception, not only being close to one of my favourite lochs but also one of my favourite rivers, but fishing time was limited so where would it be? in the end the river won the day, not surprising really as i find myself on lochs less and less these days, the simplicity of working my way up a river with everything i need neatly tucked in my jacket seemed like a better option than mucking about with outboards, batteries etc, especially when fishing on my own.

Saturday was a family day out and on our travels i couldn't help but noticing a lovely looking burn that screamed FISH ME! we enjoyed our day  and i also picked up my permit for my river trip the following day, the shop in the village had a family of Mallards at the door which was nice to see
 In the afternoon Ruth and the kids were going swimming which isn't my thing so i was free to have a couple of hours on the burn.I worked my upstream fishing some lovely looking pockets and pools without so much as a take, disappointing as it looked so good, maybe just a bit to early in the season? never mind it was nice to have a cast with my new Norwich 7' 9'' which is a joy to use.
 think I'll pay the burn another visit in the summer and see how i get on then, it's got to be good!

Next again day Ruth dropped me of on my chosen river at about 12 ish, i was feeling a wee bit apprehensive about my chances after yesterday, maybe this river wouldn't have woken up yet either, thankfully my fears were short lived though when my klink dipped under in the first pool and i had a good fight from an acrobatic pound and a halfer, a good confidence booster!
 upstream another couple of trout took the brown biot klink
before i found myself connected to this beautiful yellow trout, a shade over 2lb's

what was turning out to be a great day got even better when my klink dipped in a favourite pool and i landed my biggest to date from this stream at 2lb 12oz, a wee bit on the thin side but what a fight!

another two followed from the same pool including another lovely yella fella of a pound and a half
i managed a couple more wee ones to round of a memorable days fishing before Ruth picked me up at 5ish, looking forward to the next trip on this lovely river.