13 October 2013

Surfs up!

Yesterday afternoon we made a late decision to try out an East Lothian beach for flounders , this beach has the added pull of throwing up the occasional turbot, some big ones too but we have still to encounter a decent sized one. We arrived about an hour before low tide and fished the first hour down, the conditions looked rough  but i don't think they were as bad as it looked.  The surfers were out in force enjoying themselves and we even found scaling down to 2oz leads was managing to roll to our liking on the bottom. . I lost a flounder right at the edge, it then went quiet until the tide turned when Brian was the first to take a fish , a wee fellae but nice to see .
He then took the next again .
Whilst returning flounder no.2 , Brian walked into my lines , I thought it was him  but it was infact a take as when he walked away the rod was still nodding , and i landed my first of the day .
 It wasn't busy sport but I had another and Brian had  another Brace, one of them a good sized fish.

Brian decided he'd had enough, frustratingly i had a lot of bites not coming to anything , i then had a bite on my right hand rod , which had a small flounder , while i did that my other rod rattled , which brian picked up and reeled in   to find a double shot of flounder. The gully i was fishing seeemed to have come to life, but darkness was almost upon us and bellies were rumbling .

Not the busiest of flounder sesssions , but not bad either. looking forward to giving it another go and with a bit of luck perhaps a turbot will grace our hooks?