25 February 2012

the one eyed flash fly

I took Clyde for a walk along the canal this morning, on a section i haven't fished for many years now. I noted a few spots that looked really pikey along the way and also had a look at a near by pit which is reputed to hold some big pike. Back home for a couple of bacon rolls and a coffee,  and also a quick session on the vice to tie up a flash fly before heading out with the rod this time.
Fished the choice bits of the canal from the walk earlier and also had a few casts in the pit but disappointingly no takes so back in the car to a more familiar stretch.
Where a couple of wee jacks quickly fell to the charms of a green, white and red clouser
and then the best of the day took the now one eyed flash fly, need to glue them eyes in properly next time!