10 May 2011

Born to be wild

Saturday 7th May

The Cult (Electric) blasted out of the stereo as we headed out to our chosen location, the creatures we were seeking though did fit that description. When we arrived we headed straight to our favourite pool which we have had good success in , in the past.but this time the waterwas a lot lower. After lobbing wooly buggers hoping for a cannibal, i then switched to a NZ set-up with a wire nymph and a large Klinkhammer, and was rewarded immediately with a spirited wee trout which took the nymph, he went 1 1/4lb.
 After that it was a long walk down to the bottom of he beat. After fishing a few pools without so much as a sniff, Brian eventually hooked up! He'd taken a big size 10 Klink. cast immediately above a large submerged boulder, a very visual take in the clear mountain water  and after a very acrobatic scrap he was in the net , a beautiful golden trout of 2lb!

My shot next. I eventually got a fish on a dry , or atleast thats what i thought, turns out it was both dry and nymph, quite a scabby looking wee fellae with a missing pectoral, though obviously hungry.

Walking further up the pools we leap-frogged each other, and it was me again who was next to hook up. i struck , thought i'd caught the bottom then it moved , belted upstream and bust me!

I thought my chance was over, but someone up there must have took pity, as in the next pool i hooked up again, and to be honest i didn't know much about it, another 2lb 'er for our day!

a few more small fish were caught it had been a graet day in great company, the weather was ideal, it only started to pour half way up the road for home!