26 May 2014

a day in the long glen

Saturday saw Col and i head north to a fine river which runs through the longest enclosed glen in Scotland, getting to it isn't that straight forward as it involves a tricky drive over a mountain pass to get there, but i think as you'll see it's worth the effort. We decided to fish a part of the river that we had only fished once before further upstream from our usual stretch, the ticket also covers a loch which is really a part of the river made by the hydro scheme. We decided to start of where the river runs into the loch crossing a dodgy looking bridge.

better to let Col cross first i thought!

i wasn't finished setting up when Col shouted over landing the first trout of the day on a black dirty polly, soon i was in on the action too taking a couple of fish in quick succession , always good to get of the mark.

Col had a wonder round to a bay on the loch where a waterfall enters, missing a couple of trout

i concentrated my efforts where the river came in eventually taking another nice trout a little under the pound

onto the river itself we were soon into our stride, taking trout on a variety of patterns, the big stimulator worked well in the fast water as did the cdc and elk.

nothing massive today but great sport non the less

it was a fine day to be on the river in wonderful surroundings

time passed quickly and before we knew it, it was time to walk back to the car for the journey home.

i'm sure it wont be the last time we visit this lovely stream.