20 May 2012

Trailor Trashing

Me and  Brian just spent  3 days fishing on a few rivers , we hired a static caravan  for two nights  as our base, which was ideal, it  allowed us the freedom to fish as late as we needed , had cooking facilities , plenty  room and freedom to replicate all the necessary fly patterns we lost or required for our  days fishing .
In the Van

Day one

After checking in we headed over the winding road, to our location it was a cold day only peaking a 7C . On the plus side we did have a upstream breeze. First cast Brian hooked up a fish fishing NZ style on the nymph , must have been around 2lb,  but after a good scrap the  fish ran between his legs snagging the klinkhammer in his boots and made his bid to freedom.

A pity it got off , it looked a real beauty, but things were looking promising, a few fishless pools , i rose a good fish , and again in the next run Brian hooked a big fish which ran downstream , and again got off. Things just not quite going our way. We then took a few smaller but beautifully coloured trout.
I then managed a  better trout of 1 3/4lb beautifully spotted ,

and again in the next pool , Brian got  one of the same size.

He then hooked something that resembled something big, but again the hook came out! A few more fish fell for the klinks and nymphs, then the river changed character.
 Mainly pocket water, so it was on with the stimulators, and although no monsters, we caught a good number of them.
We even took a  table sized brace , as we had a request  to fulfill for a guy that worked at the cravan park . We finished at about 7pm a good first days fishing back to replenish the fly boxes , and enjoy a few beers and pizzas.