2 October 2011

Final fling?

Thursday 29th
 Looks like Ive had my last cast for the Brown trout this season. I planned to go today(Sunday 2nd) but the rain last night put an end to that idea. It has been very wet over the last month and trying to get any sort of fishing in has been difficult. Anyway back to Thursday.
A muggy day, we seem to be having a bit of a heatwave , the river was low enough to fish but still annoyingly carrying a tinge of colour and the leaves were coming off the trees. So i went big! Size 10 dirty Polly with a cased caddis hung underneath.
 as the day progressed i lost my last peeper, had to go too Gold head pheasant tails but it didn't really hamper the catch rate, with around 30 fish, nothing big, just steady sport and at times though just too predictable. 

Autumnal colours

 The trout i feel are now ripe for spawning , and maybe should be left to do there thing. I think I'm a bit fished out as far as there concerned too, i need a change! Grayling next!