2 May 2013

I Know where You Live!!!!

I went straight from work to the  local stream today. I had a big trout swimming around in my head today the weather just felt right, and i didnt take long to find him. He was rising in the tail of a pool in a wee pocket  perhaps a foot deep  just behind a fallen tree,  to cut a long story short he took my fly in total 3 times in a 30 minute spell but it didnt touch the sides on the 4th i unfortunately broke the tippet on the strike a pity cause he looked a very good trout, but ive a feeling i'll bump into him again shortly. Hooking up with him is going to require some serious   hit and hold stick or he will be in the snags from the off , one small consolation is i know where he lives .

I did catch quite a few from 4oz up to a pound after that  . Fish were active in  most pools and the conditions were  almost perfect.  In a favourite pool i managed this lovely fish,  just short of   1 3/4 lb  , it helped ease my disapointment  . well a bit anyway.