27 June 2012

Cats and Dogs

 I feel i should be making the most of evening fishing , but on all but a few occasions this season ive felt uninspired to do so, the reason being that it's just been too cold for evening  fly hatches. Well at long last the muggy conditions have arrived, so i left the house at 6pm to fish my local, which was still falling from a big spate , when i left there was light rain i didnt even bother about a jacket. 
as the water was big i put on a large klink and at the shallow head of the first pool i took four fish , the best the first at 1 1/4lb.

Ater that the rain came on and then a monsoon was upon me. I upped the fly size again put on a Longshank Stimulator , and still the fish came, i then tried a bugger but it didn't work and somewhere in the fly change i lost my stimulator so had to rake for another suitable fly, in the end i settled for a big thick winged dirty polly, and it took the bulk of my fish n the evening, eventually the rain subsided but i was soaked through and it was now cold . 

Before calling it a night i checked in on the pond to see if any fish activity , young Keiron had set up for the night after one of the elusive carp. Unfortunately i'd dropped my last wooly bugger so had to use a nymph , perch was the target , and they never let you down as small as they are. After a blether with Keiron, i made it home for 10:15pm.

23 June 2012

Floundering Around

It's been probably the best part of twenty years since i last caught a flounder, and wit a new interest in  sea fishing , it seemed a good species to break into this side of the sport. First we had a trip to the tackle shop, we got  some bait,  Frozen lug, herring , peeler crab and a handful of leads.

When we arrived the tide was just on the turn from it's lowest point, it took a fairly big walk to get to where we wanted to start, over mud flats , pretty unpleasant really, but we finally got set up and fishing, the water was very coloured .
Muddy waters

Started off with a wee bit peeler on our two flapper rigs tipped of with a bit lug, and shock horror i got a bite! A flounder mission accomplished!

Thought the fish would just keepon coming but they didnt,fishless hours went by , what did keep coming though was crab after crab robbing our bait.
A nice clean spot

After a while we dicided  to move to more comfortable ground, it was now approaching the top of the tide.
We were now restricted to herring the crabs would strip the bait down to the bone, but eventually it got through to fish, and i picked up another species you might expect at this mark a silver eel.

Brian then managed a fish it came as a bit of a surprise as a crab surfaced taking the top flapper but on the bottom one a "fluke" , again mission accomplished!

I had one more flounder before calling it  a day, really enjoyable day, extremely messy and smelly, but fun, cant wait till next time.

22 June 2012

On the Cut

The weathers been terrible still yet to get a proper summer, last weekend it rained, this weekend looks to be the same, and the last two days have been torrential,to the point that most rivers look high and dirty.

 On Wednesday evening i decided to get out after dinner for a couple of hours since there was no football on.
 decided on the canal for the pike, my usual hot spot not did not produce but my back-up was contrastingly good with 4 jacks taking a liking to my pink fly, beats sitting in the house.

17 June 2012

A dip in the Sea

Today i had my first sea fishing trip in years, actually thats a lie , i went out in a boat last year , caught some cod and  mackeral , but this was my first shore fishing expedition  .
So it's very much new ground,  and i have so much to learn, so far tackle-wise i have a flounder rod , a reel a few weights hooks enought to build a few simple rigs, so today we initially planned to go for flounder , but at last minute my eldest brother Lindsay and i decided to have a go off his regular patch the cliffs.

I needed a 3oz gripper , and we baited up with lug tipped with mackeral . Lindsay was first into a fish, a 3 bearded rockling.

Then i had a small codling.

A few knock s after that , but the suspects were bait robbing crabs.

We were then treated by a few displays by the dolphins , often clearing the water.Breathtaking sight.

Another hour wore on before the next fish took, another codling , for Lindsay.
Shortly after we called it a day, as my mother was reeling me in for my dinner. But i really enjoyed it, cant wait to do it again, with opportunities to catch wrasse, coalies , pollack mackeral  etc. it's opened up a fresh outlook to my fishing .

12 June 2012

An evening on Chernobyll burn

The burn was surprisingly running quite clear, i thought it would have been a bit higher and coloured wih the  heavy rain we had at the weekend . Nothing though stirred nor hardly surprising really , as there was no hatch  of any sort just a blizzard of midge flying low over the water. There must be a backlog of BWO nymphs waiting for the rivers to get to the appropriate temperatures to hatch .

I mainly fished blind , apart from the very odd riser, first fish was  good pounder  took the usual a klinkhammer,   there was only another 4-5 fish caught the rest of the evening this one i caught on a elk hair cadd iswas a two tone he had a light side and a dark side.maybe from lying in a spot where the sun would catch him at one side ?

it's darker side
 Shortly after landing it i cast , at that that moment a strange  furrow came through the water , i thought must have spooked a big trout but then it porpoised on the surface , it was a otter, i half expected it to surface again between my legs but that was the last i seen of him. A magical sight. I thought that might be the end of the fishing but a couple more trout obliged before calling it a night at 9:30pm .

Really need the hotter temperatures now , weeks and weeks of north easterlies are taking there toll spring weather is still here but the springs menu has practicly run dry .

10 June 2012

back on the road again

My old car ended up at the breakers yard after the timing belt went a couple of weeks back,  a sore one to take financially and it also reminded me that a car is the most important piece of fishing equipment i own. Anyway I'm glad to be back on the road again with another set of wheels,  and yesterday i put the new run around to good use and went on our first loch piking trip of the year.

Unfortunately the fishing was poor, conditions weren't great a lot of the time with bright sunshine and very little wind, i had one half hearted take from a jack and a follow from what looked like a better fish, Col did a bit better loosing a decent fish and landed a couple of lively jacks which put up a great fight.

  probably the hardest days fishing we've had on this loch but never mind,  hopefully the pike will be in the mood next visit.

8 June 2012

Going Cuckoo

Lacking a bit of enthusiasm of late as far as fishing go's particularly trout fishing, same old i guess, and probably not an unusual trait at this stage in the season . Other species and even other methods are starting to dominate my thoughts pike on the fly , and saltwater fly fishing, and recently i bought a "flattie" rod for a bit flounder fishing .
Well today i went into work to finish off a personal project, a beach rod rest, gave it a lick of paint etc looks like it will be up to the job.

After that i had a couple of hours to spare, i couldnt be bothered with the prospect of putting on waders etc, so decided on the local wee burn, at most i would need wellies.
The first wee pool is always a banker, i promptly caught a wee fish a pricked a slightly better one on a size 14 klink.

The fish were not numerous infact this is a stream that really needs some water , at that you really need to be on the water hours after rainfall, or it quickly go's back into it's normal low state, but today was'nt really about catching loads of fish , purely  enjoyment it' something wee streams give me , a sense of acheivement no matter the size of the fish when all go's to plan.
  Seems a few better sized fish here and there , the best today came from this hole under a bridge , i simply dropped my fly on the water and it shot out and grabbed it.
Ive another burn in mind for next week.

3 June 2012

A Tough Day

Fished a highland stream , yesterday with Gary, the fishing wasnt great but at first it looked like it was going to be a great day with a fish  early doors  2 1/4 lb falling to the nymph.

Heading further upstream leapfrogging each other covering miles of water we took a few more small fish  here and there but overall it was a poor reflection of what the river can produce, i probably put it down to it's low level, maybe low summer temp, crap hatch,  maybe a culmination of all the above, anyway it was still an enjoyable day in good company.