17 June 2012

A dip in the Sea

Today i had my first sea fishing trip in years, actually thats a lie , i went out in a boat last year , caught some cod and  mackeral , but this was my first shore fishing expedition  .
So it's very much new ground,  and i have so much to learn, so far tackle-wise i have a flounder rod , a reel a few weights hooks enought to build a few simple rigs, so today we initially planned to go for flounder , but at last minute my eldest brother Lindsay and i decided to have a go off his regular patch the cliffs.

I needed a 3oz gripper , and we baited up with lug tipped with mackeral . Lindsay was first into a fish, a 3 bearded rockling.

Then i had a small codling.

A few knock s after that , but the suspects were bait robbing crabs.

We were then treated by a few displays by the dolphins , often clearing the water.Breathtaking sight.

Another hour wore on before the next fish took, another codling , for Lindsay.
Shortly after we called it a day, as my mother was reeling me in for my dinner. But i really enjoyed it, cant wait to do it again, with opportunities to catch wrasse, coalies , pollack mackeral  etc. it's opened up a fresh outlook to my fishing .


  1. good stuff col, a great start with your new rod.

  2. Thanks Brian, Although the rod was great ,i thought though it was a bit light for that sort of work , might have to get a proper beach caster.

  3. Three bearded rockling, that's a shame... Ocht, you'll maybe get a clean shaven one next time!!

    Nice to see the dolphins, eh?


  4. Great seeing the Dolphins. Have you been down sea fishing much recently John? quite fancy a shot down ethie mains next time.

  5. I don't do much sea fishing during the trout season, Col. Just the winter months for the sea fishing, for me. It'd be worth trying to find a good mackerel spot just now (right time of year). A mackerel on the fly would be really fine!

  6. Thats one species i'm hoping to get this year on the fly, along with a few others, coleys , pollack , maybe even gar when i head down south?