11 February 2012

hard going

We were undecided on where to fish on friday night, the main river or one of it's tribs,  so the desision was made in the car on the way down this morning and we opted for the main river which was running clear and also a wee bit lower than some of our recent visits. we did our usual through a couple of big pools, wading deep czech nymping, it's a great method if a shoal of feeding grayling is found but if like today nothing seems to be happening in a hurry it gets really boring to be honest, perhaps being full of the cold and having a slight leak in my waders didn't help but my heart just wasn't in it and after a while i suggested to Col that we go to the trib instead of more deep wading in more huge pools, Col agreed and within half an hour or so we were tackling up on a much smaller river instead.

We worked our way upstream fishing the likely pools without success, but despite the lack of grayling it was still  much more enjoyable than searching the huge pools of the main river. It was nice to see the unmistakable  blue sheen of a kingfisher, and we also startled a couple of roe deer along the bankside. I did eventualy land a grayling too from one of our favorite pools, on a wee pink beaded nymph but unfortunatly that was our only fish for the day. Grayling time for us  is just about over for another winter, might get in another trip or two in but the prospect of looking for rising trout in season ahead sounds great!