6 August 2012

Perch Sessions

Brian phoned me asking me if i could make it down the pond , i had to baby sit, but shortly after i joined him, he was fishing away with his intermediate with a white fly with bead chain, whilst i set up with the floater. He was doing much better than i was getting far more bites , then he connected with this beauty! 
That was the best his  fish of the session as we finished up early as Brian was still to get his dinner.

Turns out i had a guilt free  opportunity to return to the pond tonight , armed with the intermediate and a few fresh tied clousers made of my dogs tail hair. The rain didnt seem far away with the sound of thunder in the distance, and sure enough it did arrive but nothing to serious.

A count down of 20 seconds seemed to get to the fishes level most were wee things.
 But i did manage a couple of better ones, still the big one eludes me.