28 January 2012

In The Bleak Mid- Winter.

Waters were fining down, a wee stream was just the ticket at 9" on the grid. When we arrived we found clarity good , and we were treated to a hard fost, classic grayling weather. It didnt take long for brian to find the fish, a lovely fish of 1 1/2 lb that took one of his bugs, which one, we don't know as the hook came out in the net.

We fished lots of other pools but had no luck, we even saw a single riser but it did not oblige.

But we kept our chins up, and brian again caught a smashing  grayling of two pound on the dot!

that was our lot for the day, 2 blanks for me on the trot, back to the drawing board for me. lots of frosty days forecast this week hopefully, it'll help shrink the big rivers.

25 January 2012

Winter Tying

March brown emergers
Been going through a wee productive spell on the bench recently, i think the mild spells of weather have made my head rush for the  anticipation of the new trout season. Still a few patterns to tie and also a few i still have plenty of stock from last season. Heres a medley of what ive been up too.
size 16 brown thread klink

Olive(#14) and brown (#12) Turkey biot klinks
yelllow and white posted haresear klinks #10
Dirty Pollies # 10
prince nymph variants
Brown wire nymphs
DHE's #12,14,16 in olive and brown
olive and brown comparaduns
G&H sedges

19 January 2012

sheep dip!

Col and me headed back down to the river we were on last weekend hoping for some more grayling action, it was a fine sunny morning and our hopes were high.

The nice morning didn't last long though  and by early afternoon the weather took a turn for the worse with rain on the horizon and also no grayling to show for our efforts. As the rain was about to start we spotted a sheep which must have slipped in further upstream and was clearly having difficulty getting out of the river, col saved the day though and waded across the river to help it out, that was one lucky sheep!

 Soon after the sheep rescue  i landed a nice grayling on a pink beaded wire nymph but as much as we tried there was no further action.
the rain didn't help with the river taking on a slight ting but i dont think the grayling were really in the mood today anyway.

14 January 2012

Giving the Game Away

A new venue, another day. First thing to do was purchase  another season  permit. The river was crystal clear but still carrying a wee bit extra water than low levels, which can effect grayling location and make wading difficult in places. We fished a while , but with a few other anglers on the water we decided to move. Virgin water next, at least to us. we made our way to a likely looking pool. whilst fishing away a fish rose on the far bank giving the game away on there location, i never real thought much about it and  decided to head upstream, i fished bits but walked mainly, noticing Brian wasn't moving very far. When i returned he was sorting his flies and a fish rose out in front of him, i asked how he was doing half expecting him to have had a fish, he'd just lost one. So i joined him on the opposite bank. No much was happening apart from the odd sporadic rise from fish to tiny midge , there was the odd olive coming off too. Brian did try a dry but it felt a lottery. I decided to put on a wee size 16 PTN with a black nickel tungsten bead on the point to accompany my heavy bugs a pink shrimp and tan bug , first cast i was in ,  it had taken the wee fly on the point.

  About half an hour later Brian was in , a similar sized grayling on his big pink shrimp.
I then took a quick brace of wee ones both again too the ptn.

.  Brian then lost a fish then it went quiet , so i decided to try a assault from the other bank, which was tricky wading i hadn't left long and Brian was in, then it got off, next cast again he hooked up and landed his second fish of the day.
I then rejoined him on his bank. Fished a while then after feeling the cold we decided to get out a while and go or a short walk .
Warmed up a bit we got in again flogging the water, my indicator went down i struck i thought i'd hooked bottom , but no it was a fish , a nice one too!
 A belter! 2 3/4lb and the fattest humpback grayling I've seen ,at least for a while.
big shoulders
What a fish! A great way to end a great days fishing. Can't wait till next time must get tying some bugs.

8 January 2012

A few hours Grayling fishing (7th Jan)

Brian phoned at 10:15, i'd just got out of bed, by 11am we were heading for a grayling stream, got our season permit, and got tackled up, with a couple of tungsten bugs  to get down ,hung under a indicator .  few things forgotten probably due to lack of preparation, or  the spontanity of the trip, Brian forgot his fly  boxes , i forgot my jacket , so was a  bit cold. The snow drops were out very early for the time of year.  A grayling each for our troubles both hard earned.

7 January 2012

Going off-coarse! 6th Jan

Into a Carp
I'm mainly a fly angler but now and again i do a little Coarse fishing and as the rivers were still high for doing our preffered grayling fishing  , Brian suggested it would be a good option . So it was off to Eliburn reservoir was fair looking forward too it, on the way we planned to get maggots, but the tackle shop at broxburn didnt open , so it was a drive into edinburgh to country life , after buying a few floats , hooks and the maggots , we eventually found ourselves setting up.Gradually the loose feeding began to kick in and we were into fish, first a perch each,
then an ide each ,then i lost a carp, infact i hooked two , lost both, in the session, mid way through the day the gudgeon joined the perch in the  feeding  spree,
and even the roach put   in a appearance ,the ide put in a late appearace again.
A shocked looking roach
a fine way to spend a day.