13 May 2012

The good the bad and the ugly

Our usual weekend haunt looked like it might be a bit on the high side with the heavy rainfall the last day or two, so we headed north instead to one of our favourite streams which looking at the sepa river levels site was running at a good height.
On arrival i went to get our permits from the post office where the lady told me the bad news, my wife had phoned her to let me know that  i had left my waders in the kitchen! an hour and a half away from home there was no going back, and i thought I'm just going to have to take a soaking if i want to fish and bought the permits anyway.Thankfully when i opened the boot of the car my waders were there! just no wading boots, it wasn't  such a disaster after all, Col kindly let me use his old trainers which  did the job fine and at least allowed me to fish.
Col's day got of to a good start in the first pool of the day when he landed a fine trout of 2lb 4oz on the klink

my bad start continued with me pricking a good fish, missing a few others before a real cracker swaggered up from the depths in what seemed like slow motion to take my klink, with it being so visual i struck to soon and he was gone, i was not best pleased!
We fished up through another few pools without success before i eventually got of the mark with two or three wee fellas from a favourite pool, i spotted a bigger trout rising a couple of times too and was keen to keep the disturbance of hooking the smaller trout to a minimum and bullied them in quickly before managing to put the fly over the bigger fish, he went 2lb 6 oz but wasn't the bonniest trout, looked a bit like a stocky with it's tatty fins, but rest easy the river isn't stocked and is totally wild, just an ugly trout i guess!

Another couple of wee trout on the nymphs before we got to one of the best pools on the stretch, Col went for a riser nearer the tail and i positioned myself for a riser further up the pool, Cols fish turned out to be a good one too of 2lb 8oz!

   I then hooked a trout in the head of the pool on the nymph, another fish of at least 2lb's but unfortunately he came of, at first i thought it must have been my knot but on closer inspection it was a clean cut, the trout from this river are toothy critters! never mind that's just the way my day had gone but they're there for the next time.