19 January 2013

Grayling in the snow

 With a Grayling trip on the cards this weekend i thought i had better stock up my depleted box with a few essential  patterns, nothing fancy, but enough to give me some options.

tan glister bug

pink shrimp

egg fly

The snow started last night and Col and i were in two minds as to  whether it would be a good idea to travel or not today, in the past we have driven to rivers in some horrendous weather, blizzards and all, but with old age setting in we're getting a bit more cautious! as it turns out this morning the snow had stopped and the roads were fine so we made our way expectantly to our chosen river.

we were pleased to arrive at an icy cold river 

   we set up with our bugs and began to search a big pool, after twenty minute's or so my indicator dipped and i found myself connected to a good Grayling

he took the tan glister bug and at 2lb 12oz i was glad to get him in the net!

a few minutes later and i was in again, another good fish by the feel of it but unfortunately the hook didn't hold this time.  Col's turn next with a fine Grayling which went 2lb 2oz on the pink bug.

nearly there

as try as wee might that was the last of the action for the afternoon, but we went home contented with a Grayling each for our efforts.