22 July 2011

Great Expectations

A whole day free! I had this trip planned in my head for the last fortnight. A river with a good stamp of fish , reasonable numbers. But for the first 3 hours i went fishless. At 12pm  i caught a tiny fish on a klink, then in the next pool up i was just about sleeping going through the pool, when a fish rose, eventually my brain told me to strike! A wee yellow  pounder came kicking to the net.

My fortunes were changing although the river was dead, i started picking up the odd fish , a couple too 1 1/4lb,
Lean fish

Fighting fit!
but the water was a shadow of it's potential self. It was carrying a bit more water and the water was cold, although crystal clear and this is my theory for it fishing poorly. There was a wee hot spell between 5:30pm   -6;30pm where i managed a few trout from water i had previously fished earlier in the day fruitlessly. I'll be back fishing it again on Sunday with Brian hopefully the trout will look up!