15 March 2013

Opening Day 2013

I  was a bit hesitant whether to go out fishing at all , I'd received a email form Brian telling me the burns he had  "recced" , were coloured up with  snow melt., but what forced me out was the outlook for the week ahead which wasn't too promising with rain and snow and low temperatures forecast , today was the mild day of the week , 7 degrees and my local was running clear enough to fish though i do suspect there may have been a little snow melt present .

You can almost set your watch by the hatch , it's usually very predictable,  but today the hatch was poor only the odd Large dark olive coming off through out the few hours i was there .

I sat and waited , i had a  cast just to get the feel for it again. I walked scanning pools for risers , but nothing stirred. I was about to head for home , when  I decided just to fish the water   , i set up my usual search method   NZ style, and  i almost had a heart attack when out of the blue, a trout slurped my klink off  the surface.
A pounder

That was all i managed but it put a smile on my face , and opened my account for 2013.