20 April 2015

At last!

What a slow start to the season it's been for me but not from the lack of trying, each weekend since March 15th ive been out only to draw a blank on each occasion. I was on holiday in gran canaria last week so no trout fishing then, but at least the little damsel fish and ornate wrasse were biting when I dabbled in a bit of LRF.

So on Sunday fully recovered from the long journey home I thought I would spend the afternoon on a local burn where surely it's residents would be beginning  to wake up? thankfully It didn't take long to find out as on my second cast an eager little brownie took the big klinkhammer only to shed the hook seconds later, no mater one of his pals took the nymph further up the pool and i was able to bring my first trout of the season to hand.

Usually I only get the time to fish this burn so far up before having to walk back to the car but today I had the opertunity to venture further upstream since I had arranged for my wife to pick me up at a bridge upstream,  great as I was keen to rediscover some of the pools I used to fish regularly after school many years ago.
Primula's litter the bankside

these daff's looked great in the spring sunshine

Working my way upstream I found that some pools produced a trout or two, and others which I thought might were strangely quite, not fully wakened up yet but I think.

old life

new life

Time was getting on before I had to be at the pick up point but time for one more pool, I remember this pool used to be a good place for a bigger than average trout then I was a lad so had a cast up the pool with a little more optimism perhaps than some of the previous pools, sure enough a trout swirled at the big klinkhammer but I missed him, he looked a better fish too so I thought a change to a little 14 klinkhammer might bring him up again, pleasingly it did and after a spirited little scrap I was able to end my day with a nice half punner, maybe even 10oz a good trout for this stream.

trout of the day

sitting on the bridge waiting to be picked up i could see another trout rising in the corner pool, he'll have to wait until next time.

26 March 2015

Another fine March day

I returned to the same river i fished last week , it was a frosty start to the day , didnt get to the river till 12:30pm  and the hatch of olives was underway a little after 1pm ,the hatch though not particularly heavy at any stage of the day flies were still to be seen till around 4pm and trout rose here and there  . A lot of missed and dropped fish, but still had a lot of fun .

A few pics:

21 March 2015

The trout seasons here at Last

The new season has finally arrived , first day was on the Sunday , where me and Brian decided to try out the local burns.
Brian Casting from a log jam
The first burn we fished was slow going only producing one wee trout for myself to a wire nymph , so after giving it a fair go , we tried another couple before agreeing that they just hadn't woken up yet. There was a hand full of few large dark olives hatching on the last burn we tried but nothing seemed interested.
On Wednesday i had a day off so had a go on a local river , unlike the weekend it was quite a nice day with virtually no wind , the sun even made a appearance in the afternoon .

I timed my visit to coincide with the hatch , which i was hoping was better than upstream on the burns on opening day. And whilst walking downstream a riser caught my eye . I wasted no time and as i was pulling line of my reel i noticed it wasn't just the one fish , but about 5 or 6 fish . some a bit further upstream.
I put on a shucked cdc and brought a wee trout to hand , pricked the next , the was a lovely fish which gave a good account of himself, no monster but great condition for the time of the year.
still fish rose further up the pool and i took another 3 this time on a brown biot klink.
It's great that the trout fishing has once again opened it's doors , can't wait to get out again next week.

13 February 2015

Go Forth!

Ive been off this week and fancied a shot at the flatties .I was speaking to Brian on our last grayling outing about a flounder venue and I decided to give that area on the river Forth estuary a try.  The weather was overcast but fine the walk out to the mark took about 10 minutes but when i got there i liked what i saw, and whats more it was a nice clean mark with loads of features .

 It didnt take long for my first flounder to register a bite.
Shortly after i took another, chunky flounder, then it went off  , until the last few hours of the tide , where they really switched on.

A trio of sea trout too intercepted the bait. Although i was trying to avoid them.

A great venue for a spot of flounder fishing , looking forward to another visit sometime.

9 February 2015

2015 starts with a Grayling

On Saturday i had my first trip out of this New year. We went to the spot Brian had been doing so well in over the previous few weeks. Before we even took the rods from the car we fist stopped of at the  service station for a full English and a latte. Set up for the day we walked downstream a wee distance, it was a misty start , very cold with still plenty snow on the ground.

Once we were trotting things started pretty slow then Brian lost a fish, after that he decided to try downstream and as he went i hooked up , the fish fought really well ,but eventually i managed to slip him in the net.

Eventually the sun managed to cut through the mist , and Brians pool came to life , with him losing one at the net , pricking another and then landing one.

 sadly the was the last action of the day , but it was nice just to get out fishing again  .

2 February 2015

snow, ice & grayling

The little snow that fell here last week has all but disappeared but driving down to the river yesterday there was increasing amounts of the white stuff still lying about, a good few inches by the time i arrived at the river. Still it was a fine sunny day with the river running clear and at a nice height.

I concentrated my efforts in some streamy water and it didn't take long for the float to register the first Grayling of the day. One of my very favorite sights in fishing is that first glimpse of the grayling's lovely dorsal breaking the surface.

  sport was quite good for a wee while with a good few grayling and the odd trout before it tailed of a bit in the afternoon.

i ran into a few difficulties when i lost one of the wee screws  from the reel mount of  my centre pin, but i managed to cobble it together enough to keep me fishing, to be fair the reel gets a tough time of it, and considering it was only about £30 on ebay i think its been a brilliant buy.

I'm hoping that there isn't a sudden thaw before next weekend as the river is at such a nice height just now, just have to wait and see.

25 January 2015

Shades of Grayling

Seems like an age since the last time I was out fishing, so today I finally got my act together for the first trip of the new year on one of my favourite rivers. Not the nicest of days being dull, damp, windy and cold. The river high with snow melt, January weather I suppose.

the strong down and across wind was proving to be a real nuisance, it was difficult to get a good trot of any distance before the float was veering off course so working shorter distances seemed best. I was expecting to find graying holed up in deeper parts of the pool, but surprisingly i didn't have any luck there except for a couple of trout. The streamier water further upstream proved to be a better choice and here i found a few small grayling to keep me happy.

 i did hook into a real biggie, one of those ones where you think its the bottom and then it moves but alas we parted company early which i was suitably annoyed about! total for the day was six grayling and a few trout, good to get out fishing again.