15 March 2020

the start of another new season

March the15th and the start of another season, with nothing major planned for the day Col and I decided on a local burn for our first outing, not one noted for containing trout of any size but that didn't really matter, just getting out and enjoying the day and hopefully catching a trout or two was the plan.

A bit of rainfall the night before had us slightly worried about water clarity so it was nice to find the burn running clear enough to fish, we set up with the usual pool searching set up of a size 10 klink and bright glister bug suspended below. Usual start of season rustiness, Col forgot his cap and I left my tippet material in the car! there wasn't much happening to be fair, Col got an offer in the tail of one likely looking pool, but most water we covered drew a blank, then in a pool which is usually quite good a trout each to get of the mark for the new season!

small but beautiful!

Another wee trout further upstream for me and another take for Col was our lot for the day, its a start!

8 March 2020

Pike Poppers

I bought some popper heads from angling active yesterday with Pike in mind, good fun to tye up, looking forward to giving them a go later on in the year!

29 February 2020

Thinking of Pike

The last time I fished for Pike was a couple of years ago and that day turned out to be a bit of a disaster, I was fishing from my float tube and hooked a Pike which looked to be a good double, it tore off as they do but my fly line was caught around one of my fins which resulted in the inevitable loss of the fish and worse still I also lost my flipper!

One of the things that stops me from fishing is not being properly organised so this year I’m determined to not be so last minute all the time. My Pike fly wallet is a sorry looking affair with tatty looking old flies which are years old and have seen better days. So I’ve been tying some new ones up which I hope to put to good use later on in the year.

I'll also need to buy a new pair of fins as I've never replaced them since that disastrous day!

27 February 2020

Its been a while

Hi there, its been a while! various reasons for not posting on here for such a long time, life can be busy and if being honest I've personally not been as intense about my fishing in recent years as perhaps I once was. Thats not to say that Col and I haven't been out, had a lot of good adventures in both fresh and salt water, still loving our fishing!


with the start of a new trout season just around the corner thought it would be a good time to rekindle the blog or at least see how we get on, really excited about some fishing trips we have in mind in the coming year.

 here's hoping for a great season, all the best.

11 July 2016

Brief outline of fishing so far this year (spring)

The trout fishing this year started well  i spent most of my early season on theAlmond, plenty fish on the feed and allthough my first visit in March i discovered i had left my reel sitting on the spare room floor i still managed a few fish on the dry almost  tenkara style.

Subsequent visits saw me take my reel . with a couple visit to small burns.

Then it back to the Almond which was fishing really well.

That was spring after that some sea fishing........

4 November 2015

Carnoustie beach Flattie sesh

Its been probably as much as 30 years since i last fished for flat fish on Carnoustie beach. I recall as a boy digging lug off the beach and catching a few flatties.

On Monday I revisited that beach with my brother Lindsay.
 It proved to be a great venue for flatties with hectic sport , the calm sea made for great bite detection . we took many flounders some good ones too, and some small place.

i think this would make a graet venue for a bit of lrf flattie fishing, if the weather holds ill be back soon.

October saying goodbye for another season

Octobers been and gone and weather wise I recall it was pretty kind.

I managed my last trip to the Avon before the season ended on a beat  i used to fish on a regular basis many years ago , it was nice to revisit it . The water was really clear and it surrendered a few fish to dries and nymphs , great sport and i look forward to another trout season coming round again next year.

 The middle of the month with the weather still holding up allowed for a couple of wrasse sessions  down at Burntisland, a rig had been placed about 100 yds from the breakwater dominating the view, the sessions  they were really  productive with corkwings , and ballans .

A nice green one 

A wee goldsinny

On the last weekend of the month we had our first go of the year at grayling on the upper Clyde  , the water was a bit higher than expected and a bit peaty , we managed a few now out of season  trout and eventually brian took a nice grayling on a nymph. We retreated back to the car chilled by the cold wind.
 So that was October , the weather has finally started to become quite autumnal  hopefullystill get some good sport into November.