23 February 2012

Don't leave home without them.

It's been mild all week, today was 11degrees , but it was drizzly and windy. decided to have a go up the canal , packed  a few biggish clousers tied  that got a fair bit of interest  on Sunday, and also remembered to grab a flash fly, a fly i wish i had on Sunday  .

The water had fairly good clarity , the barges haven't been able to get along the canal due to trees being down from the storms last month. So perfect for piking. First i tried a  kanekallon bait fish in fire tiger  colours and finally a small pike took it, which i landed then released. It wasn't exactly setting the water on fire though , so i changed to a red and white  clouser, but nothing , time to play the ace card , and put on a flash fly. Unlike most flash flies this one had a red litebrite head which is tied in on a wire a bit like a dubbing loop whether it was anymore deadly , i don't know.  Anyway , it worked with 5 jacks following for it's charms over the next hour or so and a few lost.

Best of the session
So flash flies , don't leave home without them.