15 June 2013

LRF fun at St Abbs Harbour

This weekend i fancied a change from trout fishing , Brian suggested we try St Abbs harbour just to see what we could pick up .  First stop though was mikes tackle shop to see if we could get a few bits of tackle, being new to this LRF game we are steadily building up a bit tackle , and soft baits, and hopefully with that, and time we will attain a better understanding of the methods and techniques  used by the seasoned lrf'er.  

The sea was fairly flat when we got there before low tide, first i tried a 2g jig head with a peice of tan isome and i managed a wee sea scorpion.
 Brian was fishing a dropshot rig and was quickly into fish also a few more sea scorpions and then the first flounder on gulp sandworms, i decided at that point to also change to a dropshot set up as it seemed more productive, well for Brian anyway.
After sport slowed a little  then Brian found a hot spot where he started getting more flounder , the best of the day unfortunately got off , whilst handlining it up to the quayside, we had a longhandled landing net but it was a little short .
Handling them up
Brian was doing a bit better than i getting more bites , i was getting a bit worried i was doing something wrong when i hooked up using half a  xl  red isome.
They really do go well on the light gear! Great fighters! A few more followed for us.
As the day wore on and the bites dried up we decided to head back home , it had been a great trip . Content with our day, and  that we  marginally had a better understanding of LRF than when we arrived, cant wait to do it again and with a bit luck ,we will extend our species range using these methods  over the coming months.