27 October 2013

salmo the leaper!

I haven't managed to get out fishing for a couple of weeks now what with one thing or another, not that i'm complaining, there's a long winter ahead to chase the grayling. Yesterday I was out with my pal Mike for a day trip with our camera's in Perthshire, by chance our first stop was the Buchanty spout on the river almond, where you can watch the salmon leap. We had a good laugh trying get some pics of them, most of the time the salmon were long gone by the time I had pressed the shutter release, I think Mike may have had more success but here's some of my mostly out of focus efforts anyway!


the river Almond upstream from the falls

after a much needed bridie from the butchers in Dunkeld we visited the birks of Aberfeldy, stunning at this time of year.

if the weather plays ball this week it might be Perthshire again at weekend for a bit of trotting  on the Tay.